PGG 3506
PHA 8753
PJF 5064
PHG 4613

(B’Worth 27th Sept) RX-Z Mat Rempit which has done a lot of criminal activity at Bukit Mertajam have finally invaded into Butterworth, Butterworth Voluntary Security Team urged the public to beware of it.

Voluntary security team was told that the Mat Rempit is consisted of about 10 motorcycles Yamaha RX-Z, and often break car window at BM to steal valuable thing, while known by the team, this Sunday morning’s incident is the first time they made thier appearance at BW.

Team members also revealed that, part of BW team have tracked the Mat Rempit from BW, but ultimately the Mat Rempit were succesfully escaped when they fled to Bukit Mertajam, BM voluntary security before that also chase the Mat Rempit several time but did not succeed.

Members also managed to mark down four of the Mat Rempit’s vehicle license number, The team also hope that the public can be more alert. they are;

PGG 3506
PHA 8753
PJF 5064
PHG 4613

(Translated by BW137-Chinn Liang)

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2 Responses to RX-Z飚车党徒入侵北海,北海自愿治安队促请市民小心提防!

  1. Khor says:

    The Mat Rempit our Malaysia Police also cannot do anything on them… 😦 Useless….

  2. popo says:

    dun say police like tat,they not always 24hour on every where…..see the mat rempit just crash them bcoz they r so dangerous !!!!so if hv change,i wanna join b\’worth security team to help more b\’worth ppl.

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