He did had the water tested

As was reported in this blogs, still waters run deep. A man somehow still wanted to test the water in Prai River.
On April 26 afternoon about 4.00pm, there were a group of people who normally gathered under the bridge near Taman Bagan for beers and time passing. After a few sips, feels that he need to take a dip.
Is 36yrs old Raman, from Prai Taman Inderawasih,  though he is a good swimmer, but only managed to take a few stroke before the undercurrent dragged him down to the river bed. Rescue boats were sent by BOMBA, KASTAM and PKSPP Butterworth Teams member to the scene(E15), but only managed to locate him a couple of days later, he floats near to Tesco area (P7) at Persiaran Sembilang today, where it has drifted 5km away from the place he take his dip.
Again! A word of cautions, STILL WATERS RUN DEEP!








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One Response to He did had the water tested

  1. frankie says:

    拍到“一块屎“了。。。 有型有款哦

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