Participate in Jelajah Malaysia Stage 3 Event

It is now official in the record, for the 1st time, we have been officially invited by POLIS DiRAJA MALAYSIA (PDRM) to participate in traffic and crowds control on our National Event, Jelajah 1 Malaysia Bicycle Race. (Click here for undertanding of the events)
It was a huge crowd squeeze inside the assembly halls in IPD-SPT, we have Police Teams from Penang Contingent and various districts, they are Traffics, General Duties, Narcotics, Volunteered Reserved and RELA members together with us, the PKSNPP. Yet air conditional was not functioning or switch on, so warm that one of the member BW193 could not stand the heats and gets fallen due to heat stroke. He were then sent to BM Hospital by ambulance for treatment, but able to get discharged when events end.

It was a tough day for all of us; many members do have to apply leave from work to attend this event. We gathered at home base at around 9:30AM, leaving for IPD-SPT at PERDA at 10:00AM, attending the manning position briefing at 10:30AM, understanding the job scope and mode of duty at around 12:30PM, lunch box was offered for free by PDRM before departed to the individual point of duty at 1:00PM. The races ends around 5:00PM as 38 members PKSNPP-BW Teams were assigned to Zone-C, which is at FINAL STAGE from fly over bridge of Juru over PLUS highway to Auty City FINALE Endpoint. All are really exhausted before stand-down.

/ BW496 Reporting.


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