LIVE: 23/2/12 Motorcycle Theft Caught 偷摩托被捉

这是 2012年 2月 23日 下午 1点 38 分 发生于拉惹乌达, 北海自愿治安队原装的案件记录.

从案件录音中可清楚听到案发经过 — 队员们如何接到求援电话, 案发现场控制, 乃至北海自愿治安队与警方人员的紧密配合.

This is original recording of a motorcycle theft case that happened at 1:38pm 23/2/2012.

From the sound recording, you may expect to hear clearly how PKS-BW received the call for help, happening at the scene, close cooperation between PKS-BW and Royal Malaysia Police.

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